2015 Firefighter of the Year

Acting Captain Jeremy Tabak

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue- Firefighter of the Year

Acting Captain Jeremy Tabak

In February 2014, Engine 29 and Hazardous Incident Team 9 responded to a residential gas leak that was poluting the vaciniTampa Police Department around the home. Acting Captain Jeremy Tabak arrived and immediately secured the area, identified the problem, and initiated a plan to repair the situation. At the same time a construction worker from next door came running up to Acting Captain Tabak carrying a lifeless three-year old child. The child had and fallen, head first, into the unfinished pool.

Acting Captain Tabak now had two completely different problems. Captain Tabak had to act fast. He instructed Engine 29 to complete the plan to repair the gas leak, while he laid the non-breathing child down and adjusted the airway; the child was now breathing on his own, but still unresponsive. He then called for another engine and a rescue. The child was soon transported to the hospital by the rescue and was crying before leaving the scene.

A call of this nature with two separate and dangerous incidents is rare and can be a very chaotic scene for even the most experienced captain. This was Jeremy Tabak’s first call as an Acting Captain.

Driver Engineer Jeremy Tabak has been with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue since February 2000. Jeremy is triple certified: Firefighter, Paramedic, and Dispatcher. For the last three years, he has also served as an Emergency Telecommunicator on his off duty days. Jeremy has been married to his wife Rina for 15 years. Together, they foster abused and abandoned dogs until safe homes are found for them.