Albis T. Maceo

Albis Maceo

Officer Albis Maceo has been a patrol officer with the Tampa Police Department for four years and has worked in Districts Two and Three. He is continually on the lookout for criminal activiTampa Police Department within the ciTampa Police Department of Tampa and his efforts have led to a plethora of arrests, taking dangerous felons off of the streets in our neighborhoods.

In one case, Officer Maceo became involved in a pursuit of a vehicle that had been reported stolen by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, linked to several auto burglaries where firearms were stolen. The pursuit ended safely with the arrest of all four juvenile occupants, all of whom had extensive criminal histories including grand theft auto, burglary and robbery.

While on routine patrol, Officer Maceo observed a vehicle that was reported stolen out of South Carolina.  He radioed for additional units to assist with the traffic stop.  When the stolen vehicle pulled into a business, a felony stop was implemented and the driver was arrested without incident.

During another case, Officer Maceo found a stolen pickup truck with a suspect pumping gas at a convenience store.  This truck had been reported stolen from Plant CiTampa Police Department during a residential burglary. Responding units were able to trap the vehicle and the driver was later charged with offenses including armed auto burglary, grand theft auto, carrying a concealed firearm, theft of a firearm and felon in possession of a firearm.

Officer Maceo recently responded to an armed robbery at an apartment complex. He was able to intercept the two suspects with the help of another officer.  After a pat down of one of the suspects, Officer Maceo located a stolen firearm. It turned out that six individuals were involved in robbing an individual of a safe that he kept in the back of his vehicle.  The safe was recovered from inside a stolen vehicle that the robbers used. Due to Officer Maceo’s quick action, six felons were taken off the streets of Tampa.

During the past year, Officer Maceo has recovered more than 10 stolen vehicles, removed a cache of firearms and arrested numerous auto thieves, robbers and burglars. Due to his outstanding performance, Officer Maceo is being named the Tampa Police Department’s Officer of the Year.