Captain Justin Baxter

Tampa Fire Rescue

Captain Baxter has proudly served with Tampa Fire Rescue for over 12 years. He embodies what a Tampa Firefighter is supposed to be: professional, courteous, of high moral character, physically fit and an unyielding in focus to serve this profession and the community. His abilities and dedication to duty consistently result in successes that enhance community confidence in our efforts to serve, and reflect credit upon Captain Baxter and Tampa Fire Rescue as a whole.

Before coming to Tampa Fire Rescue he was a proud member of the United States Army and The Florida Army National Guard. He quickly ascended the ranks to his current position of Battery Commander in the National Guard. Due to his commitment to excellence and sense of honor, Captain Baxter was a natural fit for a position in the Tampa Fire Honor Guard, where he has been an integral member for 8 years.

Captain Baxter has mastered multiple department related specialties. He is ACLS, CCT, Haz-Mat Certified, a Fire Instructor III , a CPR Instructor and a member of the CISD team. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Individualized Studies and an Associate’s Degree in EMS. He is an excellent medic and has volunteered to use his skills to train his fellow employees as a Paramedic Field Training Officer as well as being a lead paramedic instructor with Leary Technical Institute. He is also frequently called upon to ride at a higher classification as District Chief and performs at this level with the utmost care and diligence. Captain Baxter is truly an individual who possesses the intelligence and God given abiliTampa Police Department to master any field of study, skill or trade, no matter the complexiTampa Police Department.

As Captain on E5, he organized a kitchen remodel for a local family of 6 after a fire destroyed their kitchen. The family has just moved into this home 2 days prior after being evicted from their previous home. Seeing a true need for this family, he assembled volunteer firefighters from both E5 and E10 to help rebuild their kitchen. Not only did he get cabinets and a refrigerator donated by Home Depot, he and his fellow firefighters all chipped in for the paint for this project.

Whether on or off-duty, Captain Baxter is a man of high integriTampa Police Department and holds himself to the highest moral standards. He is a family man, a loving husband and proud father. He is actively involved in the lives of his children whether he is assisting with coaching or school related activities. Through his character, attitude, and spirit, he truly makes all who serve beside him strive to be better, and this is why he is the Firefighter of the Quarter for the second quarter.