2014 Firefighter of the Year

Captain Karl Wolf

Tampa Fire Rescue

Tampa Fire Rescue Firefighter of the Year

Captain Karl Wolf

In the 1980’s Captain Wolf was one of the personnel heavily involved in the origination of the Hazardous Materials Team, Marine firefighting, high angle rope rescue and auto extrication.  Captain Wolf has always offered valuable insight into the development and operation of these special disciplines which have evolved into models for other departments to emulate.  Most recently, he has been assisting the training division with the testing process of all department ground ladders.

Recently, Captain Wolf has been heavily involved in assisting one of his own.  Approximately eighteen months ago the son of Firefighter Justin Battles was injured and subsequently paralyzed during training for the United States Marine Corps.  Captain Wolf has unselfishly volunteered his time and efforts organizing the use of many exchange of time’s, along with collecting monetary donations for the Battles family.  His actions are a true example of the family atmosphere that the fire service is known for.

Captain Wolf has mentored and developed many personnel throughout his career.  His dedication and enthusiasm are just as prevalent today as it was at the onset of his career. He is someone that others aspire to emulate, and is a shining example of everything that a firefighter should be.

Captain Wolf has been employed with Tampa Fire Rescue for 30 years.  Captain Wolf has always been an enthusiastic employee, and has been involved in many facets of the job that has helped Tampa Fire Rescue rise to the highly respected department that it is today.