2019 Officer of the Year

Corporal Adam Lebovitz

Temple Terrace Police Department

Corporal Adam Lebovitz’s job performance in the year 2018 was nothing short of outstanding. In addition to his supervisory duties, Adam consistently strived to be one of the most productive members within our agency. His self-initiated field activity was unrivaled month in and month out, making him the leader in most proactive enforcement statistical categories.

In addition to serving on the department’s SWAT team, he serves as a liaison to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), compiles departmental stats, volunteers to train new officers and generates operations plans for traffic enforcement initiatives. He truly embodies what it is to be a leader by motivating the officers on his squad and providing an environment that allows others to flourish.

Corporal Lebovitz has a servant’s heart and strives to help those in distress without seeking accolades or acknowledgment. Whether it be assisting a homeless person find shelter on a cold night or paying out of his pocket to help a destitute individual have a warm meal, Adam does so because that is what servants do.

Corporal Lebovitz is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. He has served the residents of Temple Terrace for eight years and this is the second time he has been recognized as our Officer of the Year. He is a resident of Hillsborough County and has a wife and 2 children.