2014 Officer of the Year

Corporal Monique Barry

Tampa International Airport Police Department

Tampa International Airport Police Department Officer of the Year

Corporal Monique Barry

Corporal Monique Barry initiated a proactive investigation involving airline employees suspected of stealing personal properTampa Police Department that was inadvertently left on aircrafts by patrons.  Her investigation led to the confession and arrest of three National Aviation employees to include the Assistant Manager and First Line Supervisor.  Her investigation is also responsible for the closure of seven cases with arrests, including charges of Grand Theft ProperTampa Police Department, Petit Theft ProperTampa Police Department, Dealing in Stolen ProperTampa Police Department, and False Information to a Pawn Broker.

Corporal Barry also led an investigation involving a National/Alamo employee who was suspected of stealing rental vehicles.  Her investigation led to an interview of the suspect who confessed to four counts of Grand Theft Auto.  The total value of properTampa Police Department stolen and recovered was approximately $138,000.  The suspect provided Corporal Barry with the identiTampa Police Department of a second suspect.  Corporal Barry initiated an arrest warrant for the second suspect who was picked up and arrested by the Hillsborough CounTampa Police Department Sheriff’s Office.  Although only four counts were initially charged, the suspect admitted to stealing over thirTampa Police Department vehicles within the last six months.

Corporal Barry began her career with the Tampa International Airport Police Department on April 14, 2002.  She was promoted to Corporal July 26, 2010.  Corporal Barry has been with her partner Wendy Shughart for 8 years.  They have a five year old daughter together named Addison Capri.