2016 Detention Deputyof the Year

DeputyLatoya a Taylor

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office DeputyLatoya Taylor

Detention Deputyof the Year

DeputyTaylor has stood out among her peers, in large part due to her thorough searches and her attention to detail. During this year alone, she has been directly responsible for finding 26 items of contraband concealed on inmates entering Central Booking. During a single week in August of 2015, DeputyTaylor discovered three knives concealed on their person two of those knives were discovered by DeputyTaylor prior to the arrestee entering the secure faciliTampa Police Department. The weapons found by DeputyTaylor are sometimes disguised as non-suspicious items, such as house keys, belts, or lipstick containers.

DeputyTaylor’s keen eye and thorough searches has cause for a safe and secure faciliTampa Police Department. DeputyTaylor’s attention is not solely isolated to finding contraband. On August 15, 2015, DeputyTaylor was conducting a well-being check on inmates being processed through Central Booking. DeputyTaylor observed a female inmate in a holding cell who was slumped over and appeared to be unresponsive. DeputyTaylor immediately entered the holding cell and observed that the inmate had removed her own undergarment and tied it around her neck in an attempt to cut off her airway. DeputyTaylor was able to remove the garment from the inmate’s neck and then ensure the inmate was seen by the appropriate medical and psychiatric staff.

During the entire year of 2015, DeputyTaylor has been a shining example of consistency, dedication, and thoroughness that others should aspire to imitate. DeputyTaylor displays natural leadership abilities that lead her co-workers, in the absence of a supervisor, to look to her for advice and guidance. DeputyTaylor’s extensive work experience and decision making has allowed for the development of confidence by her supervisors to allow for a greater level of discretion. DeputyTaylor’s reasonable approach and steady demeanor help maintain a low tension environment.

DeputyTaylor has been assigned to Central Booking for the past nine years. She began her career with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office on April 05, 2004. DeputyTaylor is married to fellow Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Detention DepuTampa Police Department, Matt Taylor, and has a 10 year old son.