2016 Officer of the Year

Detective Christina Forget

Plant City Police Department

Plant City Police Department Detective Christina Forget

Officer of the Year

In May of 2015, the parents of a fourteen year old juvenile came to the Plant City Police Department and advised that their child had been sexually assaulted by her former soccer coach. The incident had occurred over a year ago.

The incident happened when their daughter had been a player on a soccer team, which practiced and played within Plant CiTampa Police Department. The coach in question was a 38 year old man.

Detective Christina Forget learned that the victim had been approached by the sexual predator when she was a team member and at that time, the coach repeatedly told her that he believed they had a future together.

After the conclusion of the soccer season, the coach repeatedly texted and called the victim. The coach, obviously aware of the criminal nature of his relationship with the juvenile, instructed the victim to erase all text messages between himself and the victim once she read them.

On one occasion, when the victim was 13 years of age, upon learning that the victim was home alone, the coach traveled to the victim’s residence, picked her up and took her to his home in Plant CiTampa Police Department, where he sexually assaulted her.

Detective Forget was able to gain the victim’s trust and utilized a number of investigative techniques in order to eventually have the coach make a number of incriminating statements, confirming that the assault, as recounted by the victim, had occurred.

Detective Forget handles all crimes against children matters for the Plant City Police Department. She is an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) trained “chatter.” In addition to the above related case, she has also handled an ICAC matter, wherein an individual (determined to be a 24 year old male) met a juvenile (a 13 year old female) on-line and ultimately traveled to Plant CiTampa Police Department in anticipation of a sexual encounter. Unbeknownst to the sexual offender, the juvenile he initially met on line was quickly replaced by Detective Forget, who continued to interact with the sexual offender on-line. He instead was arrested and prosecuted.

Detective Forget began her career with the Plant City Police Department in 2008. She was initially assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division and in 2011 became a Detective. She obtained an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Hillsborough community College, and is currently attending the UniversiTampa Police Department of South Florida, to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology.

Detective Forget is married to Brent Forget and is the mother of twin one year old boys, Preston and Oliver. Detective Forget and her family are avid UniversiTampa Police Department of South Florida Bulls fans!