Detective Honcharik

Tampa Police Department

A 12-year veteran of the Plant City Police Department, Detective Richard Honcharik started his career with the Plant City Police Department in February 2005. He has worn many hats from Patrol Officer, Training Officer, Traffic Homicide Officer, and most recently Detective. Although he did an outstanding job in all of these areas, in October of 2014, he found his “niche” when he was transferred to the Criminal Investigative Unit to work in properTampa Police Department crimes. During his time in the Criminal Investigative Unit, Detective Honcharik has been proactive in aggressively working cases, resulting in numerous arrests and large amounts of recovered properTampa Police Department.


Detective Honcharik has diligently worked to develop strong relationships with other law enforcement agencies, which has resulted in an effort to address crimes of mutual interest crossing various jurisdictional lines. He has also become a mentor to his co-workers and can often be found at Patrol Division briefings sharing information about recent crime trends or current suspects.


Perhaps the best way to summarize Detective Honcharik’s contributions is to quote an excerpt from a letter sent to describe his interaction with a Plant CiTampa Police Department citizen: “In a world that seems to be going too fast and crazy, it is people like Officer Honcharik that give me hope and faith in the police and in mankind.”


Detective Honcharik is married with two daughters, one stepson and two grandchildren.