2016 Officer of the Year

Detective Matt Ewing

Tampa International Airport Police Department

TIA Police Detective Matt Ewing

Officer of the Year

Detective Matt Ewing is a driven, proactive investigator who exemplifies the diligence and tenaciTampa Police Department of a seasoned police professional. He routinely serves as a mentor and resource to officers and supervisors alike.

As a detective, Matt investigates a multitude of crimes from simple properTampa Police Department crimes to grand theft auto, fraud, crimes against persons and death investigations. Detective Ewing routinely serves as an investigator to various criminal investigations with federal authorities. Matt is the Airport Police Department’s coordinator of suppression efforts to detect and prevent insider threats as it relates to airport employee related terrorism or other dangerous activities.

During 2015, Detective Ewing’s various investigations, which included a two year old case, resulted in numerous arrests and an estimated $37,000 in recovered stolen properTampa Police Department. This demonstrates Matt’s commitment and resolve to thoroughly investigate all cases until all leads are exhausted. In addition, during 2015, Detective Ewing’s interview and investigative abilities were integral in several state and federal cases which resulted in the overall seizure of approximately $225,000.

Detective Matt Ewing has been a member of the Tampa International Airport Police Department since 2006 and has been assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit since 2013.

Detective Ewing’s commitment, instincts and drive make him an asset to the Tampa International Airport Police Department. Detective Matt Ewing is recognized as the Tampa International Airport Police Officer of the Year.