2014 Officer of the Year

Detective Robert McLellan

Plant City Police Department

Plant City Police Department Officer of the Year

Detective Robert McLellan

On August 20, 2013, after closing, a Grocery Store was the scene of a violent robbery.  The suspects who were heavily armed overpowered employees, forcing their way into the store.  The suspects gathered employees, placed them all in a line on the floor, tied them up, and then repeatedly threatened their lives.  After 30 minutes, the perpetrators escaped with a large sum of cash.

Review of surveillance videos determined that other subjects were in the parking lot.  Due to the extensive area encompassing the crime scene and the number of subjects involved in the crime, senior Detective McLellan was called in to handle the investigation.

During his investigation, McLellan was able to identify the suspects in the Plant CiTampa Police Department robbery and link them to a string of robberies in Orlando based on identical modus operandi.  He coordinated his investigative efforts with the Orlando Police Department, United States Department of Justice and  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.  Additional subjects were identified.  Detective McLellan obtained confessions from two individuals.  All subjects have been charged federally with their crimes and are currently awaiting trial.

After graduating from high school in Plant CiTampa Police Department, Florida, Detective McLellan joined the Navy, where he served for eight years.  He has been with the Plant City Police Department since May of 2003.  He has served in the Patrol Division and the Investigative Services Division, where he is currently assigned as a Detective in the Criminal Investigations Unit and is a member of the Emergency Response Team and a Hostage Negotiator.

Detective McLellan is married to Trianna Trevino and they have two daughters, Avalynn and Mila.