2020 Deputy of the Year

Detective Ryan Daniels

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Detective Ryan Daniels, who was hired in January 2009, is a vital asset to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Division. During the last year, his tireless work ethic and self-motivation have assisted with successfully combatting the prostitution and Human Trafficking crimes in the county. He has a deep desire to prevent Human Trafficking from occurring, identifying victims, and trying to rescue them from their traffickers, while putting the traffickers in jail.

With the focus on prostitution operations to identify and save victims of Human Trafficking, Detective Daniels has a vested partnership with the Selah Freedom Organization, who specialize in providing services to victims of the sex industry. He routinely provides information to the staff on subjects in need of services and has them assist with his interviews of subjects to determine if they can be helped. He has coordinated the emergency shelter of women with Selah Freedom, who were in immediate need of their services. He truly has a passion for helping victims of the sex industry in our area and goes above and beyond to identify and assist the victims.

Detective Daniels enjoys spending his free time skateboarding and spending time with his wife Stephanie and their three children, Turner, Tilly, and Trudy.