2019 Officer of the Year

Detective Scott Savitt

Tampa Police Department

Detective  Scott  Savitt’s  extensive  knowledge  of  electronic  devices  and  his  tenacious  pursuit  of  justice  led to the arrest of two violent and prolific offenders who traveled along the west coast of Florida committing home invasions for the better part of a year.

In April 2018, two suspects, armed with an AR-15, committed a home invasion. While one of the suspects ransacked the house, the second asked questions about the victim’s son. The suspects fled when they didn’t find the money they believed the son had. A short time later, the suspects called the son on his personal cell phone, demanding $4,000. They said they knew where he worked, who he was dating, and where she lived.

Det. Savitt located surveillance video showing the suspects fleeing in a black Chevrolet Impala, and more video that captured the license plate. A records search revealed the owner of the Impala was linked to a 2017 home invasion in Hillsborough County. On May 5, 2018 the occupied Impala was stopped in New Tampa. The car and two cell phones were seized. In addition, a .223 caliber casing was found in the car. The two occupants were detained.

Det. Savitt worked to link these subjects to the victim and her son, developing a comprehensive list of their criminal associates. One associate was a co-worker of the son, another was the co-workers girlfriend. Det. Savitt prepared photo lineups and the victim immediately identified one suspect as the one who held her at gunpoint and the second as the one who ransacked her son’s bedroom.

A review of records revealed multiple people conspiring to commit home invasions and extortions in jurisdictions from Pasco County to Broward County. Det. Savitt authored more than 30 search warrants and subpoenas to identify, and hold accountable, everyone involved in these incidents.