2016 Officer of the Year

Detective Travis E. Maus

Tampa Police Department

Tampa Police Department Detective Travis E. Maus

Officer of the Year

Detective Travis Maus has a knack for gaining crucial confessions needed to put dangerous suspects behind bars. He spends much of his time out of the office and on the streets, interacting with officers and citizens to gain valuable intelligence into emerging crime patterns in an effort to keep the ciTampa Police Department safe.

This veteran officer played a major role in solving a string of violent armed robberies, which targeted a taxi driver and females who were walking home alone. Building a rapport with the suspects was the key to Maus obtaining confessions in both of these cases.

In another high-profile investigation, Detective Maus recognized the suspect involved in an armed burglary where numerous firearms were stolen from a home. He worked with a witness to confirm the identiTampa Police Department of the suspect who provided a confession after being taken into custody.

In yet another case, this stellar investigator was able to analyze intelligence information regarding a possible “chop shop.” He was able to coordinate surveillance on the properTampa Police Department and develop an operational plan, which subsequently led to the issuance of a court authorized search warrant. The execution of this warrant resulted in the recovery of several stolen vehicles and vehicle parts, along with the arrest of numerous suspects for both vehicle theft and operating a “chop shop.” This complex investigation was managed well due to Detective Maus’ keen investigative skills.

In addition, Detective Maus is always available for his colleagues when they need his assistance or expertise in conducting investigations. When a dog was tied to railroad tracks and shot, Detective Maus stepped up to the plate to help his fellow officers draft a warrant and interview the suspects, which again led to confessions and an arrest.

These few examples of Detective Maus’ outstanding performance of his duties for the department and community are merely a glimpse of the many reasons he has been selected as the Tampa Police Department’s Officer of the Year.