2015 Firefighter of the Year

Division Chief/Fire Marshall Shane Samon

Temple Terrace Fire Department

Temple Terrace Fire Department – Firefighter of the Year

Division Chief/Fire Marshall Shane Samon

As Fire Marshal for the CiTampa Police Department of Temple Terrace, Chief Shane Samon has demonstrated excellent leadership and management several essential areas. Chief Samon’s many accomplishments throughout his career include four major accomplishments achieved in 2014.

First, Temple Terrace Fire Department was asked to take over the ciTampa Police Department’s complex minimum housing code and residential permit program a number of years ago. With Chief Samon’s new leadership, all backlogs were handled, cases are routinely prosecuted, and every rental properTampa Police Department in Temple Terrace is now inspected annually.

Second, Chief Samon, through the use of technology, training, and efficient documentation, has moved the department to an annual inspection program for all commercial properties, dramatically impacting the department’s abiliTampa Police Department to reduce risk.

Third, Temple Terrace Fire Department has a local fire prevention code that was in need of an update. After research, modifications and CiTampa Police Department approval the code was adopted. Following local adoption, it was added as an addendum to the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

The fourth and most notable accomplishment is the reduction of Temple Terrace Fire Department’s ISO rating. Prior to 2006 the rating was 4. In 2014, Chief Samon was tasked with leading the effort to self-evaluate the department and request an inspection from ISO. On September 9, 2014 the ISO announced that the Temple Terrace Fire Department had achieved a Class 1 rating due to his strategy and thoroughness.

Chief Samon’s commitment to excellence has contributed greatly to Temple Terrace Fire Department and fire prevention efforts throughout the state. Chief Samon remains an active member of several local and state organizations supporting fire prevention and safeTampa Police Department incentives.