2019 Firefighter of the Year

Driver Engineer Jimmy Riley

Plant City Fire Department

Firefighters are warriors. Every day they report for duty putting others needs before their own. These individuals make sacrifices on a daily basis. These individuals have a desire within to provide assistance to others in need.

Jimmy Riley who has been with Plant City Fire Rescue for almost 15 years, and was recently promoted to the rank of Driver/Engineer, is one of those warrior firefighters.  In March of 2018 he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme.

For many individuals that would have been the end of a career. With uncertainty looming, D/E Riley did just the opposite he fought. He fought every day to hold back the pain and emotions attempting to stay positive and move in a forward direction for himself and his wife and young daughter. Since that day, D/E Riley has gone through surgery, the recovery process, the daily medications and the continued treatment, he returned to duty in September of 2018. D/E Riley is deserving of this award for many reasons on top of his immaculate strength, he is a teacher of those of lower rank with less years on the job, he is a constant guide to those who don’t know how to achieve a task. Riley is a brilliant medic with patient care unlike any other. Riley shows up to work every day in order to be the best and encourage those around him to do their best.