FF Gina Ramacci

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

Fire Medic Gina Ramacci exudes a professionalism that sometimes is lost in this industry. Gina is the first person to hold the hand of the elderly patient, reach out to the families affected, and genuinely cares for their physical and emotional well being. Gina has recently started work with the Critical Incident Stress Management team and dedicates her off duty time to the emotional health and wellness of coworkers. Prior to the fire service, she was a NCAA Division 1 student athlete, competed with the Italian National Team in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, completed multiple graduate programs, and coached at the collegiate level for NCAA athletics.

Gina has taken this experience and has quickly learned to apply it with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue at a station level. She is always willing to train, learn and apply new skill sets, yet the first to volunteer her time and experience to the development of others. In her free hours, she enjoys spending time with her beautiful family (Denise, Danielle and her furry babies) as well as time in her art studio. Her stepdaughter Danielle is currently enrolled in paramedic school and one day hopes to become a sister in the fire rescue service to continue the legacy of serving others. Gina is proud to be a member of the Hillsborough County Fire Rescuefamily and looks forward to her future years of service.