2016 Firefighter of the Year

Fire Captain Mike Schaer

Temple Terrace Fire Department

Temple Terrace Fire Department Fire Captain Mike Schaer

Firefighter of the Year

As firefighters for the CiTampa Police Department of Temple Terrace, we routinely help citizens in extreme and dangerous situations. However, it is a rare opportuniTampa Police Department for us to be able to help fellow co-workers from other ciTampa Police Department departments. On October 28, 2015, Captain Lauren Schaer displayed exemplary actions that far exceeded his normal duties and responsibilities by demonstrating strength, commitment and courage.

On this evening, Capt. Lauren Schaer was responding to what appeared to be a routine medical emergency within our ciTampa Police Department. At the same time, all of our other fire department personnel were responding to other medical emergencies elsewhere. Captain Schaer arrived on scene to find a Temple Terrace Police Officer questioning an individual in front of Planet Fitness. When Capt. Schaer approached the officer and patient, the officer told Captain Schaer that the patient wanted to be medically evaluated. Captain Schaer returned to his vehicle to retrieve his medical equipment. At that time, he heard loud yelling and screaming. Captain Schaer looked back towards the officer and observed the patient fighting the officer. The patient managed to pin the officer up against the wall and was reaching for her gun. Understanding the severiTampa Police Department of the incident, Captain Schaer immediately ran towards the confrontation and grabbed the patient bringing him to the ground. A struggle ensued for a few moments between the patient and Captain Schaer. As the officer attempted to hand cuff the patient, the patient was able to get his hand on the officer’s gun and tried pulling it from her holster. Captain Schaer and the officer were able to use the necessary force needed to eventually restrain the patient until more PD officers were able to arrive and effectively mitigate the situation.

If it had not been for Capt. Schaer’s quick actions, the incident could have turned out much worse for all parties involved.