2014 Firefighter of the Year

Firefighter Derrick Bell

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Firefighter of the Year

Firefighter Derrick Bell

In the twenTampa Police Department eight years of service at Station 14, Derrick Bell has consistently displayed the highest level of professionalism and work ethic, which he should undoubtedly be recognized for. In addition to his normal duties and responsibilities on the job, he tackles the task of mentoring others with enthusiasm and zeal. He continues to foster an impeccable camaraderie with his fellow firefighters. Furthermore, each citizen or patient he comes in contact with is consistently treated with the utmost respect and digniTampa Police Department at all costs. He does not ever falter. Derrick is the quintessential firefighter and public servant as evidenced by all of his hard work and record breaking call responses.

Derrick Bell is not only an asset to Hillsborough Country Fire Rescue, but more importantly to the citizens of Hillsborough CounTampa Police Department. He is viewed by all as an honor to work with.  Failing to recognize him as a stand out firefighter for his many years of service and diligence, would be nothing short of an atrociTampa Police Department.

William Derrick Bell has been a Firefighter with Hillsborough County Fire Rescuesince April 18, 1983.  He has spent over 28 years of his career at Station 14, one of our CounTampa Police Department’s busiest stations.  When Derrick is not at the station you can find him on the water, in a tree stand, or at his daughter’s horse show.  He and his wife Tracy have two daughters, Cassi and Madye.