2019 Firefighter of the Year

Firefighter Luigi Young

Tampa Fire Rescue

Firefighter Luigi Young has been with Tampa Fire Rescue for 5 years this March. His first

assignment was on Engine 10 at 20 years old. Becoming a firefighter was not always his plan

though. Luigi had originally planned on finishing his electrical engineering degree and

becoming an engineer, but he had been exposed to this career from an early age through the

explorer program, led by Captain Pat Forward. So, during a summer semester break from

engineering classes at USF, he enrolled into the EMT program and realized he had a passion

for it.

Over the past 5 years, Luigi has been assigned to a total of 3 stations: Station 10, Station 18

and currently Station 13. During his short career he has successfully earned an A.S degree in

Emergency Medical Services, and additional certifications in hazmat, fire inspector I, and

Paramedic of Record.

On the morning of 12/26/2017, after a busy Christmas day at Station 13, Firefighter Luigi

Young was getting some much needed rest. His family awoke him with shouts that the

neighbor’s house was on fire. Luigi raced to the house and entered the burning structure,

without any safety equipment, to search for his neighbor. He crawled towards the kitchen, but

couldn’t find his neighbor. Firefighter Young left the structure, but his neighbors insisted that

the homeowner was still inside. Firefighter Young then re-entered the burning structure,

crouched down below layers of smoke and was able to locate his neighbor. Firefighter Young

threw him over his shoulder and brought him out to safety. The man had suffered smoke

inhalation, yet managed to state, “Save my dogs.” For a third time, Firefighter Young went into

the house and searched for the dogs, but was forced to exit due to worsening conditions.

When Hillsborough County Fire Rescue arrived, Firefighter Young gave the Incident

Commander a full size up, the location of the fire, that two dogs were still inside, and he even

secured a hydrant for water. If these acts of bravery weren’t enough, when Fire Rescue brought

the dogs out, Firefighter Young and his mother performed CPR on the two dogs. While

performing CPR he was made aware of two birds on the back porch, which he was able to

rescue. Due to his bravery and valor, the life of his neighbor was saved.

Firefighter Luigi Young exemplifies the bravery, courage and strength of a Tampa Firefighter.

For these reasons, he has been selected as the Firefighter of The Quarter for the first quarter.