2021 Firefighter of the Year

Justin Stokes

Plant City Fire Department

Justin Stokes has been with Plant City Fire Rescue since 2015. During his tenure, Justin has always showed the importance of a positive attitude while trying to create a harmonious work environment. Justin displays an unselfish attitude with fellow firefighters and citizens of the community always putting others first. Justin has used that encouraging attitude to influence employees of new and old, by taking the time to guide the new hire firefighter or review skills with existing ones.  

This year, Justin saw the need and the vision of the department and applied to become a Field Training Officer (FTO) with Plant City Fire Rescue to guide new paramedic trainees within the department. Justin went through the required process and achieved the role of FTO. He was eager to teach others while continuing to grow himself.  

During the paramedic intern process, he not only taught his paramedic trainee but trained with all members of his crew to ensure everyone was comfortable and knowledge in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) skills required by department standards. Justin’s dedication, hard work and professionalism during the internship resulted in the addition of a full capacity firefighter paramedic within Plant City Fire Rescue to increase the departments overall capabilities in providing Advance Life Support (ALS) care.  

Justin is a highly respected member of the department. Plant City Fire Rescue personnel have noticed Justin’s efforts and are honored to announce him as the recipient of this year’s Firefighter of the Year.