2014 Detention Deputyof the Year

Master Deputy Dawn Gilbert

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Detention Deputyof the Year

Master Deputy Dawn Gilbert

Master DeputyDawn Gilbert has been employed with the Hillsborough CounTampa Police Department Sheriff’s Office since 1998 and is assigned to the House Arrest Unit in Jail Division 1, Orient Road. Master DeputyGilbert has demonstrated a strong commitment to her assignments and consistently works to improve House Arrest operations. She is a consummate professional and earns the respect of the inmates she works with. Her compassion and understanding continually aids in gaining the cooperation of inmates who violate their terms of release and have to be placed back into custody.

On one occasion, Master DeputyGilbert spoke to an inmate who was depressed about the prospect of returning to jail and spoke about suicide. She calmly reasoned with the man and eventually talked him into surrendering to the jail and seeking help for his depression. In another similar case, Master DeputyGilbert identified an error made by a weekend court judge that conflicted with the order of a presiding case judge, which would have released a person at risk of harming himself.  Master DeputyGilbert contacted the presiding judge who rescinded the conflicting order and held the man in jail for continued treatment.

Master DeputyGilbert’s supervisor described her as “an outstanding ambassador for the agency.” Her accomplishments and consistent desire to perform her duties above and beyond what is required support the assertion, and demonstrate the example she sets for her peers.