2014 Officer of the Year

MPO Veronica Hamilton

Tampa Police Department

Tampa Police Department Officer of the Year

MPO Veronica Hamilton 

Master Police Officer (MPO) Veronica Hamilton is a 24 year veteran of the Tampa Police Department (Tampa Police Department).  The past nine years she has been assigned to the Special Incident Management Unit.

As Tampa Police Department’s lead Emergency Management Coordinator, she insures that each officer has and understands their assignments during a natural or man-made disaster.  The enormiTampa Police Department of this responsibiliTampa Police Department cannot be understated as this ultimately protects the lives and properTampa Police Department of our citizens.  MPO Hamilton seamlessly coordinates with federal, state and local entities to get this job done.

Although not tasked with traditional crime fighting responsibilities, she routinely assists patrol districts with their goal of crime reduction.  MPO Hamilton is a certified lead practitioner for Tampa Police Department’s Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.  When a business experiences a spike in crime, MPO Hamilton will meet with the business leaders, assess their vulnerabiliTampa Police Department, and then develop a prevention plan for them to follow.   This insures the business takes an active role in their crime prevention, which means a reduction in crime.

MPO Hamilton is a valued member of the Critical Incident Stress Management team.  One role is to assist the families of fallen Tampa Police Department officers during their most difficult times.  The families of Dave Curtis and Jeff Kocab turned to her many times during the high profile murder case that went through the slow and often painful legal process.  Her compassion and commitment to Curtis, Kocab and Tampa Police Department families will never be forgotten.

It is an honor that MPO Veronica Hamilton is representing Tampa Police Department as the 2013 Officer of the Year.