Nicholas Dolan

Florida Highway Patrol

Nicholas Dolan

Trooper Nicholas Dolan began his career with the Florida Highway Patrol on July 19, 2013, and was assigned to the Land O’ Lakes District.

On February 26, 2017, Trooper Dolan was notified of a pursuit of an active shooter that had been shooting a high powered rifle across State Road 200 in Marion CounTampa Police Department. The suspect was being pursued by the sheriff’s office and had entered Citrus CounTampa Police Department. Trooper Dolan intercepted the pursuit and observed the suspect’s vehicle traveling toward him. The driver of the vehicle pointed a handgun at him as the suspect passed his location.

Trooper Dolan made a U-turn, falling in as the lead vehicle and initiated a Precision Immobilzation Technique (P.I.T.) maneuver. The suspect vehicle was forced off the roadway onto the grass shoulder. Trooper Dolan pinned the rear of the suspect vehicle with the front of his patrol vehicle to prohibit the suspect from traveling to a more populated area.

The suspect was wearing a tactical vest and immediately exited the vehicle with a firearm in his hand. Trooper Dolan engaged the suspect with gunfire along with deputies from the Citrus CounTampa Police Department Sheriff’s Office. The suspect was struck several times but remained standing with his handgun. Trooper Dolan and the deputies continued firing at the suspect until he fell to the ground. Trooper Dolan approached the suspect, disarmed him and safely secured him in handcuffs. The tactical vest the suspect was wearing contained another loaded magazine for his handgun and multiple loose rounds of ammunition. The suspect suffered fatal injuries.

Trooper Dolan placed himself in imminent danger to protect the lives of the public that were at the nearby park. He engaged an armed suspect in a close encounter deadly force situation and as a result there were no injuries sustained by innocent bystanders.

Trooper Dolan has also received the Medal of Valor award from the Florida Highway Patrol as well as numerous Trooper of the Month awards.