Officer Bradley Dilley

Tampa International Airport Police Department



On Thanksgiving Day 2017, Officer Bradley Dilley responded to a Suicide in Progress call, on the outbound George J. Bean Parkway on Tampa International Airport jurisdiction. A distraught citizen was poised to jump off the elevated section onto the very busy Memorial Highway 70 feet below. Not only would a fall from this height mean certain death to the distraught citizen, it posed a significant danger to the unaware motorists driving below. Upon Officer Dilley’s approach, he developed a dialog with the subject and kept him in conversation slowly building trust and allowing him to close this distance.   At one point, the subject stood on the ledge and Officer Dilley was able to convince him to sit back down, even though his legs were still dangling over the edge. Eventually Officer Dilley again reduced the distance enough to grab the subject and pull him to safeTampa Police Department.  His efforts were at a significant personal self-risk and thwarted a subject who was committed to ending his own life and jeopardizing others in the process.

Office Dilley is a military veteran, having served almost 12 years in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer and K9 from 1995 – 2007.

Officer Dilley began his civilian law enforcement career in 2009 and has served with the Tampa International Airport Police Department since September 10, 2012. Officer Dilley is a member of the TIAPD Special Response Team, the bike squad, is a Field Training Officer, firearms instructor and is currently assigned to a specialTampa Police Department patrol squad.

Officer Dilley and his wife Cherie have three children; Colton, Paul and Johanna. Officer Bradley R. Dilley is recognized as the Tampa International Airport Police Officer of the Year.