2016 Officer of the Year

Officer Daniel Sacher-Brown

USF Police Department

Officer Daniel Sacher-Brown began his law enforcement career as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army from October 1995 to May 2004. During his military career, Officer Sacher-Brown served on one deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from March 2003 until his discharge in May 2004.

After receiving an honorable discharge from the US Army, Officer Sacher-Brown worked in the private sector as a recruiter. He left that career and returned to law enforcement in January 2010 when he joined the USFPolice Department.

Officer Sacher-Brown has taken an active role in the department and expanded his responsibilities as a Patrol Officer by taking on new roles within the organization and maintaining those roles to present. Officer Sacher-Brown is a certified Mountain Bike Officer (May 2012), a Field Training Officer (March 2013), a Tactical Response Officer (September 2013) and a Recruitment Officer (March 2014). In December 2014, Officer Sacher-Brown assumed his current role as the Accreditation Officer. In this role, Officer Sacher-Brown was instrumental in aiding the department in their successful re-accreditation process in October, 2015. At the same time being tasked with assisting the training department with completely restructuring their FTO Program and working with the logistics department to outfit the department with a new fleet of patrol vehicles for their officers. Officer Sacher-Brown takes on new challenges with enthusiasm and is always eager and willing to assist.

Officer Sacher-Brown aspires to become a supervisor within the department and is currently a junior at the University of South Florida seeking his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology with plans to continue his education and obtain his Master’s Degree. Officer Sacher-Brown and his wife have been married for 14 years and they have two children.