2020 Officer of the Year

Officer David Hobson

University of South Florida Police Department

The USF Police Department Officer of the Year for 2019, Officer David Hobson, is an individual who continues to involve himself in many different groups aimed at improving the agency. Ofc. Hobson is well respected in patrol for his professionalism and decision-making ability. He has the ability to mentor and train new officers and recently volunteered to revamp several Field Training documents. He works in every way toward the department goals which are in line with the USF strategic goals. He is a leader on his squad and a member of the Tactical Response Team. Ofc. Hobson works with the community in mind and goes above and beyond to solve problems on a daily basis .

The officer of the year is selected through peer nomination. Ofc. Hobson was selected by his peers to receive this honor for his outstanding service throughout the past year. Once nominated, his supervisors provided strong support and approval of his selection for this honor.

Ofc. David Hobson is a Tampa native and 2010 graduate of USF with a BS in Accounting.  He has been employed with the USF Police Department since 2014. During that time, he has been selected to become a Field Training Officer, a Tactical Team member, and recently he has been selected to serve on a specialized Task Force. Throughout his years at USF, he has always been willing to serve where and when needed, especially to assist the community.