2021 Officer of the Year

Officer Jonah Daniel

Temple Terrace Police Department

Officer Daniel has shown great enthusiasm for police work and often goes beyond in his investigations. Since feb 20” Officer Daniel made 31 arrests generated 198 reports (not including TRACS) and assisted with human trafficking investigations and has participated in numerous special deployment plans. 

 Notable Cases were: 

2020-000255 in which ofc Daniel initiated a traffic stop that resulted in an arrest with a subsequent search of the vehicle yielding 130 checks, multiple documents with personal information, debit cards and a death certificate that did not belong to the driver. Ofc Daniel identified that these items were most likely of evidentiary value/stolen and impounded them. Ofc Daniels went through all the evidence and discovered the checks were stolen during a large post office theft/operation in the Villages, FL.  Other items in this case were found to be from burglaries in the area. 

2020-000888 – Ofc. Daniel responded to a felony DV call for service where known male struck a pregnant victim with a plastic pipe and repeatedly stomped on her stomach. Ofc. Daniel realized that the pipe had come from an outside area that the defendant would have had to pull from the ground. This item was impounded into evidence and was later crucial in linking the defendant to the crime. Ofc Daniel also took it upon himself to follow up with the victim at the hospital to gather additional information about the welfare of the unborn child. 

2020-0001356 A routine foot patrol of wood spring suite that yielded a felony drug arrest for meth and THC wax. 

2020- 0003763 Ofc Daniel went above and beyond on a fraud call for service conducting interviews with multiple involved businesses/individuals obtaining security.