2014 Paramedic of the Year

Reserve Lieutenant John Rankin

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Paramedic of the Year

Reserve Lieutenant John Rankin

In early April, John Rankin cared for a patient with severe burns on over 80% of their body, including airway burns. If not for John’s performance and excellent skills, this patient probably would have expired before reaching the hospital. John not only preformed a life saving RSI procedure, but also treated the patient’s pain.  He also started the critical fluid management called for under the Parkland Burn Formula. If not for this high level of care the patient would not be alive today.

John consistently performs with a high level of skill and knowledge, which not only helps the citizens of Hillsborough CounTampa Police Department, but also his fellow paramedics.  As a highly skilled and motivated paramedic, John teaches new paramedics how to perform to the highest level possible.  John educates the new paramedics on the importance of caring for a patient and easing their suffering.  For this, he is to be commended.

John Rankin started his career with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue 6 years ago.  John was recently promoted to the rank/title of Rescue Lieutenant.  In addition to being employed with Hillsborough County Fire Rescueand being a CPR instructor, John teaches EMT and Paramedic classes at a local private college.  He holds instructor certificates in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.  John has been married to his wife ChrisTampa Police Department for over 10 years.  He has 3 children, Michael, Braden and Allyson.  He is also a very proud coach of both his son and daughter’s little league teams.