2020 Reserve Officer of the Year

Reserve Office Michael “MD” Smith

Tampa Police Department

Reserve Officer Michael “MD” Smith has been a member of the Tampa Police Department’s Reserve Force since 2003.   Reserve Officer Smith  retired as a sergeant after 30 years of service to the citizens of Tampa.   After retirement, Reserve Officer Smith was re-employed as a Police Community Service Officer and later transferred to a position as an Evidence Technician unitl 2014 when he retired for the second time.

Reserve Officer Smith has volunteered over 3800 hours in sixteen years of service as a Reserve Officer.  At todays rate of pay, Reserve Officer Smith would have saved the City of Tampa approximately $100,000.00 in salary if he was paid for his voluntary service to the community.

Reserve Officer Smith was selected to be a Squad Leader within the Reserve Force due to his prior experience as a sergeaent and the fact that he is a true leader.   Reserve Officer Smith  has many years as a sergeant in patrol and still remains very knowledgeable of all policies and procedures.  He assists the Reserve Force Coordinator by updating the squad members on details that they may have missed if they were not able to attend the monthly meeting and gives advice to the younger reserve officers when they run across a new or unusual situation.

His leadership, dedication and commitment to the Reserve Force and Tampa Police Department goes without question.  It is for these reasons that Reserve Officer Michael Smith has been selected as the Tampa Police Department’s Reserve Officer of the Year.