2019 Reserve Officer of the Year

Reserve Officer John Kendall

Tampa Police Department

Since joining the Reserve Force nearly three years ago, John Kendall has volunteered over 1100 hours—the equivalent of six years of service—of his personal time to work most of the city’s major events and other special requests. His enthusiasm and participation in developing a statewide certification exam for reserve officers has caught the eye of law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

While working assignments at the Tampa Convention Center and Amalie Arena, Reserve Officer Kendall noticed the pedestrian signaling was not functioning in sync with the traffic control signals.   This imbalance caused a delay and confusion with citizens attempting to cross the street.   Kendall met with traffic engineering to discuss his observations and provided recommendations to make the pedestrian crossing more efficient.  Kendall’s plan was well received and his suggestions were implemented making for a much safer traffic and pedestrian experience.

Kendall’s volunteerism and compassion goes beyond the police department.  Every year he volunteers his time as a guardian for veterans on the annual 9/11 Honor Flight to Washington D.C.  John pays $400 out of his own pocket for this privilege and has 21 tasks that he must fulfill. These tasks include ensuring that the veteran assigned to him gets on and off the plane safely, that they take their medicine, assistance in going to the restroom, and ensuring that they eat and stay hydrated.  This type of unselfish commitment is just one example of how John Kendall lives his life and performs his duty as a TPD reserve officer.