2021 Reserve Officer of the Year

Reserve Officer Russell Marcotrigiano

Tampa Police Department

Reserve Officer Russell Marcotrigiano is a training specialist assigned to the Training Unit.  In addition to his regular duties, he also serves as the Reserve Force Coordinator. R.O. Marcotrigiano has excelled in his position as the coordinator and as a Reserve Officer at the same time.  His dedication has served as an example to others. He has volunteered countless hours to special events, even when not required to. He has served as a lead trainer for the Reserve Force, coordinating and implementing annual courses throughout the year and has actively sought out additional qualified Reserve Force candidates to increase the Force’s overall manpower.  He has also spearheaded the implementation of the VIMS computer-based hourly tracking and sign up system, streamlining Reserve activities and accountability. 

R.O. Marcotrigiano has volunteered and dedicated countless hours of his own time handling inquiries, messages, complaints, scheduling, and numerous other issues related to the Reserves.  

R.O. Marcotrigiano’s has maintained impeccable records and has always stayed on top of any upcoming issues or events. His vast experience has allowed him to serve as a confidant and mentor to others.   

R.O. Marcotrigiano has been the adhesive holding the Reserve Force together. He has been an irreplaceable, respected Reserve Officer and supervisor. For all these reasons and more, Russell Marcotrigiano is receiving the RESERVE OFFICER OF THE YEAR award for the TAMPA POLICE DEPARTMENT.