Robert L. Miller III

Robert Miller

Since becoming a Reserve Officer in May 2016, Robert Miller has volunteered more 1,000 hours of his personal time to assist Tampa Police officers.  He’s no stranger to working most of the major ciTampa Police Department co-sponsored events along with several other special events throughout the year.  With only a year and a half of service under his belt, Robert has already volunteered hours that are equivalent to six years of full-time service.

Reserve Officer Miller comes from a law enforcement family, and is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Forensic and Fraud Investigation.  He has aspirations of becoming a full-time officer, but chose to start as a reserve officer in order to gather additional training and experience.

Reserve Officer Miller seems to have limitless energy as he goes above and beyond the minimum monthly requirements by volunteering to help the community in various ways such as feeding the homeless at shelters during Thanksgiving, deliverying toys to children at Christmas, helping citizens get placed in shelters and later recover from the effects of Hurricane Irma, monitor cameras for a serial killer with the Seminole Heights Task Force, as well as represent the department at the annual Great American Teach-In.

Reserve Officer Miller has received numerous accolades from patrol supervisors touting his positive attitude, eagerness to learn, and dedication to his position. Many officers and supervisors have expressed their appreciation for Miller’s assistance and consider him to be a great asset to the team.  They are rallying for him to become a full-time officer, so they can utilize his talents on a regular basis.

Reserve Officer Robert Miller’s dedication and commitment to the Reserve Force and Tampa Police Department goes without question.  It is for these reasons that Reserve Officer Robert Miller has been selected as the Tampa Police Department’s Reserve Officer of the Year.