2015 Officer of the Year

Roni Carithers

Tampa Police Department

Tampa Police Department – Officer of the Year

Roni Carithers

Officer Roni Carithers overall is committed to duty and professionalism. She epitomizes the characterization of persistence and courage

During the month of December 2014, Officer Carithers was assigned a call that brought her into contact with a young man who refused to go to school. While investigating this incident, Officer Carithers discovered that the young man, who was an honor student, had gone through a lifetime of tragedy. The young man’s mother was a drug addict and absent from his life. His father was serving a lengthy prison sentence and most likely would not be eligible for parole until his son was an adult. He and his siblings had been passed from family member to family member. Without fanfare or publiciTampa Police Department, Officer Carithers found out that this young man and his siblings were not going to receive any Christmas gifts, due to their limited financial situation. Officer Carithers solicited help from her family members and she received an overwhelming response. Needless to say, the family had a joyous Christmas, one that a child could only imagine. Officer Carithers did all of this without seeking accolades or acknowledgement.

During 2014, Officer Carithers has either lead or assisted in criminal investigations which have resulted in the arrest of numerous prolific criminal offenders.

This year, Officer Carithers has:

  • Made 470 arrests
  • Recovered 9 firearms
  • Recovered and/or seized $20,156 worth of properTampa Police Department
  • Made 2,419 self-initiated calls and/or investigations

With each task presented, she exceeds expectations. After receiving complimentary calls regarding her tenaciTampa Police Department and professionalism, the question that follows is, “when can I have her on my squad?”