2019 Trooper of the Year

Trooper Daniel Cole

Florida Highway Patrol

On January 16, 2019, Trooper Cole, while working the overnight shift and stopped at an intersection, he witnessed a horrific accident. A vehicle crossed into the path of a motorcycle ridden by a young father. The motorcyclist could not avoid striking the vehicle and was thrown from his bike, landing in the median nearby.

Trooper Cole responded immediately to aid the motorcyclist.  Trooper Cole ran to him and immediately assessed his condition, noticing that his leg had been severed. He retrieved a tourniquet from his patrol car. While applying the tourniquet to the biker’s right leg, Trooper Cole noticed that the left leg was also severed. Trooper Cole instructed a bystander to retrieve his second tourniquet and applied it to the other leg. While waiting seven minutes for EMS to arrive, he calmly spoke with the biker in order to keep him conscious.

Two weeks later, Trooper Cole came upon another perilous scene.  A vehicle overturned, trapping the passengers. The driver’s arm was badly wounded and severely bleeding. Trooper Cole now carried a tourniquet on his belt, which he used to stanch the bleeding, whilst elevating and applying pressure to the driver’s arm until EMS arrived.

In both cases, emergency room physicians affirmed that Trooper Cole’s quick, decisive actions saved the motorists lives.

Trooper Cole has been with the FHP for 20 years and has served as a Field Training Officer, training 42 recruit Troopers. He is married with two children.