William Dial

Tampa Police Department

Prior to becoming a reserve officer,  William “Reese” Dial served the department for 33 years as a full time officer, retiring as a sergeant in 2003.  Since joining the Reserve Force in January 2004,  Reese has volunteered over 3,600 hours, while working all of the major ciTampa Police Department co-sponsored events, many additional events, and special requests.  In 2016, Reese volunteered 273 hours as a reserve officer, which translates to an equivalent monetary savings of approximately $8,000 for the CiTampa Police Department of Tampa.

Reese is often asked to participate in the scenario-based training that is provided to new officers.  His background, extensive experience, knowledge, as well as his “cool and calm” temperament make him a great resource for this Tampa Police Departmentpe of training.

As an assistant reserve force squad  leader, Reese provides very valuable insight to the younger reserve officers.  His wealth of police experience combined with his strong leadership skills as a sergeant make him the “go to” person in the reserve force.  Younger reserve officers will seek his advice when they encounter a new or unusual situation.  In addition, Reese has received two Unit Citation awards and eight letters of commendation from police chiefs, sheriffs, citizens and business partners.

William “Reese” Dial is well respected among his peers, full time officers and management staff.  He is a valuable asset to the Tampa Police Department and wholly deserving of this year’s  Reserve Officer of the Year award.